About me

Hi there! This is the Theatre Rat, I moved to study and live in London a bit more than 3 years ago and I was quite excited:

London is the best place to live even just for its theatres

I’d heard… after 3 years living here number of times I’ve been to theatre is – 5, which is less than twice a year! I know I can do better than that, so I am taking this challenge to visit 45 West End theatres in a year! That’s around one theatre per week (math is my strong side)

And you can join me on my journey, which will require serious budget adjustments and strict scheduling;

neither of these is my strong side, but that’s why it is a challenge, right?

I will sneak into West End shows and then post information about

  • Theatre – venue, its brief history and interesting facts
  • Plot – storyline of the play or the musical
  • Production team – including casting director info and audition details
  • Ticket – price, seat and source I bought the ticket from

What I cannot promise is a professional theatre review. I am not a theatre critique, though I might include some personal opinion about the performance in the narrative. That’s it for now,

The Theatre Rat