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What’s you story?

The main character in the play says that everybody has one story and they should find different ways to tell it. Turns out there is James Baldwin’s quote that partly agrees with this, but takes a different turn, “Every writer has only one story to tell, and he has to find a way of telling it until the meaning becomes clearer and clearer…”. We try to be many things these days, parents, sportspeople, political experts, self-medicating doctors, successful career people, but it all goes down to one point – a human being with apparently one story to tell.



Bridge Theatre only opened in October 2017 and was founded by former executive director and artistic director of the National Theatre, Nick Starr and Nicholas Hytner,  respectively. The theatre has 900-seat adaptable auditorium and a very nice bar (very nice loos too).



The play is set in a hospital ward, where Lucy Barton had to spend nine weeks after appendectomy complications. Lucy recalls those nine weeks and the time her mother stayed with her in the hospital with emotional flashback. She talks about her childhood in Illinois, spent in poverty and dysfunctional household, where she and her siblings had to survive her father’s post-war traumatic mood swings. She talks about her marriage, which was destined to collapse and the friends that one way or another left a lasting impact on her life.



My Name is Lucy Barton is a book written by Elizabeth Strout, which was adapted for theatre by Rona Munro as a one-actor play. It premiered at Bridge Theatre in June 2018, directed by Richard Eyre and acted out by Laura Linney.



I entered front row ticket lottery on TodayTix. Did not win but was offered a seat for £29.5. Could not resist this temptation as I found the price quite reasonable. The seat was very good, the theatre has very good planning and my seat felt somehow quite intimate, I just can’t explain how.


Running time is 1 hour 40 minutes.


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