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This is what £1,500 look like!

Is West End an affordable luxury? Let’s look at the numbers of my completed challenge:

Shows attended: 46 (incl. 2 parts of Harry Potter)
Total amount paid: £1,497.75

Out of 46 shows attended I sat in the Stalls 26 times, Dress Circle or the Royal Circle – 11 times, and Upper Circle or the Grand Circle – 9 times.

Average is not the best measure, but the  world is still measured in average, so let’s take a look:

Average per seat: £32.56
Average per seat in the stalls: £33.88
Average per seat in the dress/royal circle: £34.00
Average per seat in the upper/grand circle: £26.99

Standard deviation is 16.4, which obviously means that prices will fluctuate a lot depending on where the seat is and which show you want to see. But looking at the averages, if a family of four, parents and two kids, want to see a show on West End, this could cost in the area of £130, which is the amount that some families could only allow as once-a-year treat (excluding other expenses, such as pre- or post-show dinner and travelling expenses). So is West End an affordable luxury? Maybe not, especially for those, living outside London.


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